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14624 Heritage Crest way, Bluffdale, Utah 84065


Chris Carlson. Owner of Upgrade Contractors, started out as a warehouse operator in the flooring industry. Allowing him to gain extensive knowledge of the different types of flooring material. After college he was able to move to the position of a manufacturer’s sales representative for one of the largest flooring manufacturers in the world. During this time, he was able to obtain knowledge on the technical side of the manufacturing of products as well of the installation of those products. After 15+ years, Chris decided to take more hands-on approach. That is when he decided to start Upgrade Installation & Design LLC. Because of his knowledge, experience, and background, he was able to bring in and train individuals that had the same type of work ethic to help get the company to where we are today. We have been able to grow as a company and now have over 60+ certified technicians.


We have experience installing every type of flooring. From custom types, to putting flooring on walls, cabinetry, and any other surface. We have a background in residential, new construction, single family, multi family, and commercial applications. We have installed for well known brands and stores. Some being, Vans, Corner Bakery, City Creek Mall, YPSILON and many others all over Utah.


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