Surface Prep

Our team is recognized as the go-to pros, transforming any surface into the perfect canvas for installation, guaranteeing durability and aesthetic perfection.


A well-prepared surface guarantees that the visual appearance of the finished flooring will not be compromised by imperfections

Adhesion and Longevity

Proper surface preparation ensures optimal adhesion for the flooring material, reducing the risks of issues like peeling, cracking, or buckling.


Through targeted surface prep, underlying issues such as moisture content, potential contaminants, or structural weaknesses can be addressed before the final flooring is installed


Dustless tile demo in your home or business is the only way to go to give a clean and safe environment. With our certified and trained professionals, we have the tools and experience to keep the home or business safe from harmful dust and debris during your next project.


Surface preparation is key to any type of floor covering application, from concrete to a wood substrate we can get it done. We have many different methods to help prepare the floor for your installation needs and help make sure they meet manufacturer’s tolerances and specs.


Floor leveling is the best way to get your floor flat. There are many different materials that our certified technicians use to make any substrate flat. Flooring manufacturers set guidelines on how flat the substrate needs to be, these guidelines are knowns as tolerances. Warranty’s will not be honored if the substrate is not flat. Partner with us to make your next flooring investment something that lasts a lifetime.